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Hi, We’ve managed to create a whole application around rtMedia Pro and Buddypress. This is a serious application and we need some support (Go to ouagbeta.com and create an account to understand how this work. I won’t try explain in detail here, the site is self explanatory).

It’s a great application and we are pleased with much of what you guys have done. However there are one or two problems that we are going to need help with (we will pay for real support if required, we need help!).

The main item I need to address today is Portrait Videos. Clearly everybody knows to hold the camera or smartphone in a horizontal/landscape position. However our application has to cater to all levels of usage and some people will persist in holding the camera upright.

If you up load a portrait video from my iPhone it automatically turns it 90deg counterclockwise. How do I stop this? I need the video to show the way it was taken and don’t want it to covert on upload to landscape. See example: http://tinyurl.com/lf7d8rf

This is an important issue for us. Please address ASAP.

Thanks — Dave Boardman

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Hi Dave,

The upload process get handled by WordPress only, rtMedia just passes that file to WordPress and WordPress take care of it. I just google this issue and there were lots of users facing this image/video orientation issue with iPhone.

Thanks Ritesh. Yes I did some research and you are right Wordpress is the culprit. Apparently it uses the Exif in the video or image file and orientates it accordingly. We may need to create a plugin to modify the Exif headers and correct them for rtMedia imports.

My second problem is a much more difficult one. Our application needs to run on every browser and device seamlessly. It’s a problem because not every device and browser will play MP4. We understand the MP4 is the best choice but we’ve got to figure out a way to play them on Firefox, iPhone, iPad etc.

Looking at the rtMedia code it is clear that you guys have figured out how to play any file on any browser so long as it is in Wordpress. Our problem is that we send people a card with video in it outside of Wordpress in a PHP file (with variables).

I need to get a price from you guys to create a standalone video player that will run outside of Wordpress on any device/browser. We need it very, very quickly!!!

It seems as though rtMedia is using MediaElements.js as a player. Can your development team create a similar, standalone application for us? I know you guys also do custom work.

Please have somebody get back to me as soon as possible. We need to get this rolling.

Thanks … Dave Boardman

Hi Dave,
I am glad that you had figure out the actual issue.

Yes we do rtMedia related custom work. You can contact here -> https://rtcamp.com/contact/ for any rtMedia related custom work.