Portrait photos uploading as landscape

When a user uploads a photo taken in portrait layout from their mobile phone, the image is being rotated and shown in landscape.
Most of my users take photos in portrait so is there either :
A. An option to upload all images as portrait ; or
B. (and this is preferable) to have the plugin determine the layout from the photo dimensions and upload them correctly?

@robhartley, From which device you are trying to upload photos?

One was a Samsung S4 the other was an apple iphone 4s

Sorry - Samsung s3 not s4

Also, when "edit" image is selected, the "Modify" button is missing for all users except for the Superadmin.

For image rotation, check this support topic on WordPress -> http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/problem-uploading-pictures-help that might help.

Regarding modify image button, rtMedia use WordPress' image editor to modify image. Any user having role above subscriber can modify image. Please check this document -> https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/troubleshooting/known-issues/subscribers-unable-modify-images/ regarding the same. You must be checking with Subscriber user role.

OK - so I have had to change all users to be contributers to allow them to modify their images. I suggest you put this in your documentation.

However, there is a Bug with regards to image rotation.

  • User clicks on "modify" images.
  • User rotates image.
  • User clicks "save".

Image rotation is NOT saved.

User must then click another "save" button below the first "save".

So either: a) Change the first "save" button to say "finish editing"; or b) make sure that the first "save" button also triggers the second "save".

Please tell me how I can do either ASAP. Thanks Rob

Actually, the problem is worse than that. When I click on the first save, it refreshes the page and shows me a thumbnail of the photo that isn't rotated; so it looks like nothing has happened.

I have to click the 2nd save for the page to refresh and show me the rotated image.

Usability problem that needs addressing.

Also, the main images in the activity list are not rotated - please can you fix it so that these are rotated also.

Thanks Rob

@robhartley, Yes we gonna change that and gonna make it more user-friendly.

It has issues with activity content now because BuddyPress stores activity content right into database and that's why activity images doesn't getting updated. We are looking for a way to handle this issue and will be fixed in future.

Hi Ritesh

Thanks for the reply. Good to hear that you want to improve this experience.

I have done some digging and see that you are using the native Wordpress image editor; which makes sense.

So in order for me to now resolve my current problem and not have the two different "save" buttons, I want to change the "value" of the button with class "imgedit-submit-btn" in the file "wp-admin/includes/image-edit.php" from "Save" to "Finish editing".

However, I don't want to hack the core wordpress files - please can you tell me how I can write a function to change this value?

Finally, with regards to the images stored in the activity list - good point. Look forward to seeing that fixed as soon as you can.

Many thanks Rob

Hi Rob,

WordPress didn't provide any filter to change value of that button. Well, not feasible, but you can change that value through JavaScript code.