Plugin Too Big Can't Find CSS


My Sites witdth is 950px. and I think thats to small for the plugin so all the text gets cut off all the buttons are out of order and there no comment edit or anything beside pictures when you open them.


Text To Big

Buttons Misplacement

Nothing Beside Images



We are refactoring BuddyPress Media. It is set to have a templating system so anyone can customise the look and feel of media. This will be released in few weeks (the first beta version releases in a few days).



Where would I Get The Beta?


and is there a way I can do this now? My site will go live next week and I dont wanna have to use BP-Album :confused:



Unfortunately, the new code will take some time to become properly usable. It is being continuously updated here:

In the meantime, of the three attachments, the first two can be easily fixed using some CSS to override the plugin’s CSS.

The last one looks like the view that a visitor (not a member) would see. Could you give me a dummy membership at



Just Made You An Account.


Is it possible you can give a file of code to make all the text fit? And make the comment sections and all that jazz come back when I open pictures people upload.


I see these:

  1. Logged in user, no comments
  2. Visitor, no comments
  3. Logged in user, with comments
  4. Visitor, with comments

So, this is just a CSS issue.


How Can I Fix It?


Like how does it work for you but not me I mean.


Ok Nevermind It Works Now. The only thing now is the CSS of the text for the albums and photo titles.


Also is there a way to make there be a “previous” and “next” Botton so that they dont have to keep going back to album?


Yes, there is, but like I have pointed out earlier, the theme’s CSS has hidden a lot of UI items and rendered others incorrectly.

Please check our demo


Im just trying to figure what coding I should use? Is there a certain css file I should add some code to? I need to figure this out its the only thing stopping me from releasing this site.


Nvm Solved By Adding This To My Themese CSS. Thank You

.media #item-body .bp-media-gallery h3 { font-size: 14px; }



There is an important update for you.

New rtMedia has templating system -

You can use it for higher degree of customizations in upgrade-safe manner.