Plugin rtAmazon S3


I found that I can send the images to S3 through the admin panel if a user enter his account on my site images get in the way “wp-content / uploads”. You can set the images of the users to record the way in s3 automatically without having to send the images in the admin panel? The plugin has a limit on the number of images or is it unlimited?

Thank you

Hi @brasilmorar,

rtAmazon S3 plugin does not have any limit to send images on S3 bucket. Whenever any image uploaded on your website’s post/page or WordPress media library, it will automatically copy or move to S3 bucket from WordPress uploads directory.

Refer 4th point here



I am using for a while now the plugin WP Offload S3 Lite in version free, thought to purchase the paid version but the plugin has upload limits for images and prices increase as the number of images. Found after searches on google rtAmazon S3 plugin. But a question, you intend to add the plugin to export to S3 of css files, js and video?

Thank you


Hi Carlos,

Currently, we are only supporting media files (images, video, audio) to copy/move in S3 bucket. We don’t have the plan to support CSS and JS files for now.