Plugin not working

I have uploaded this plugin to my website and activated. I dont see any errors , but when I go to the profile page and clicks "Media" tab, I get this message :-

"NOT FOUND - We're sorry, but we can't find the page that you're looking for. Perhaps searching will help."

I think, it was conflicting with a chat plugin, so I deleted that plugin as well, still this seems to be not working.

Early help is appreciated.

  • Sumit

Hi @sumit784,

Try saving permalink.

Also check this article regarding the same.

I was facing the same problem & find out that it's was due to Seopress plugin Compatibility.I disabled Seopress & it's working nice. But I want to use Seopress...Is there any way to solve this compatibility issue... Please check the issue & guide me....

@debu89 - It would be great if you could take up this issue with the Seopress plugin developers as most of the other SEO plugins work fine with rtMedia.