Plugin not working at all

Hello, I migrated my blog a week ago and installed this plugin and it is not working at all. URL from my blogger domain are still in circulation in Google so whenever someone clicks on them they get them to my new site but to an 404 error page. I tried setting the redirections one by one (there are more than 300 posts in my blog) with another plugin (Redirections) and they kind of worked ok, but there’s still a problem with mobile visitors. The URL people click on is something like, which doesn’t allow the redirection I made to take place. It just jumps again to an error 404. I deactivated the mobile version of the template on Blogger and pasted the code and everything, but it won’t work. My wordpress version is 4, so is it possible it is not compatible with it?

I contacted my hosting company and apparently in the htaccess archive there are no redirections made but they don’t do any restrictions to it being rewritten or anything.

Has anybody had this same problem recently? Because none of the solutions given on previous posts has worked for me.

Thank you in advance!

If you were using custom domain on blogger blog and that same domain you used with new WordPress blog, then blogger to wordpress redirection plugin not required.

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Thank you @nitunlanjewar, I was sure I need it. One of my friends solved the problem last night with the Redirection plugin I told before and a little bit of code so I guess you are totally right ^^

Thank you again!