Plugin in Elementor does not work

I was doing a fresh wordpress install on ubuntu 16.04 with redis cache. After that I installed only the elementor plugin. when I try to create a new page I do get this error:

‘Preview Could Not Be Loaded’

I was deleting the cache I was refreshing the permalinks and nothing works

The elementor page does give this tip:

  1. Solve hosting issues. Verify with your host provider if your WordPress install includes the .htaccess file. Also, check with your hosting company if your server erases the PHP $_GET variable.

on the same server I do have some other domains which are installed for some month and there I can install the plugin and it is working without any problem. The plugin just do not work with fresh installations.

There is absolutely no problem with Easy Engine and Elementor. I use Elementor on 5 sites running EE.

The tips to give you is to disable or insert Cloudflare rules. (You can find the rules on elementors website somewhere).

What version of PHP are you using?

Hello Mad Brad,

thank you very much for your tip. In the end I had only to disable the rocket loader on Cloudflare and the elementor worked without any problem.