Please help! - Nginx setup for CDN Easyengine

I like to keep wordpress as light as possible so any opportunity to not use plugins is a good one!

So when I set-up wordpress to use a CDN why not use nginx and subs_filter?

Do I really need to use something like w3 total cache?

I find removing w3 total cache immediately reduces page load times!

Is there a reason I can’t just use subs_filter? Isn’t this the best option?

You could even use: (in your functions.php)

function cdn_upload_url() {
    return '';
add_filter( 'pre_option_upload_url_path', 'cdn_upload_url' );

Surely this is lighter and easier? What do you use and why?

Read the release notes for the latest version

@rsmith4321 Thank you and Sorry I thought I had posted a reply already…

Thank you for this, I should have seen that earlier, much appreciated!!