Please help. I have just purchased rtMedia Pro but where do I download it?


I have just purchased rtMedia Pro but where do I download it? I was not sent a download link only a link to a ‘project’ on Gitlab?? The download link in the right hand column there is to this file: rtmedia-pro-48200e6f80c6015d0f3d7d6ff89e506e52e9334f.tar.gz I tried this but could not open that file format on my pc so googled it and installed 7-zip as suggested but all that is inside is another file that I can’t open with a .tar extension.

I can’t find simple instructions anywhere instructions anywhere and no contact details??? Where is the premium support I have been promised with my purchase? This is all very confusing and frustrating. All I got for my $99 was a link to a project page with a bunch of things I don’t understand. Not at all user friendly. And at that price one would expect it to be.

I just need a simple download link with a zip file format please, and advice on how to contact premium support?

Please help. Considering asking for my money back.



Just to update, issue has been sorted over email. You have received download link to standard zip file for rtMedia-PRO via email as it happens all the time.

Looks like in your case mail with download link reached later than mail with access details for

Access to source code at is provided for people who are interested in development directly. It is add-on access and can be ignored.

You can always access your downloads and purchases from :slight_smile:

Rest, feel free to contact us, if you face any issue.