Pictures wouldn't display on Profile - > Friends page


Pictures wouldn't display on Profile - > Friends page. Instead we can only see some code. How can we fit it?

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The js on your site is broken. Could you send me a link to confirm?



Thanks for reply. Here is the link:

And here is reply from the support of the theme (Custom Community Pro) we are using: "After checking into this, it seems to be a problem with the plugin. I was able to do the same thing on a test install. looks like the plugin needs to update to fit with the latest buddy press."


Also we installed BuddyMobile app for website to be displayed on mobile phones, but Attach Media button would not work on the phone. Any ideas how can we make it work?




Just to validate, could you activate the default BuddyPress theme or a standard WordPress theme like Twenty Twelve and see if this issue still happens. If it doesn't there is an obvious problem with the theme.

If it still persists, which is highly unlikely, we'd look into this. Please understand that some of the features are theme dependant. If the theme doesn't play well or if another plugin interferes, you'd get such errors.

BuddyPress Media doesn't support BuddyMobile, simply because with BuddyPress 1.7, both BuddyPress specific themes and mobile plugins are more or less redundant. If you use a standard responsive WordPress theme, everything should work nice, even on a mobile phone. For eg, check that uses twenty twelve.



Thanks for reply. We tried Twenty Twelve and have the same issue. Please see attachment.

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We tried Twenty Twelve. We attached the image above. It is still not working. Any suggestions?



BuddyPress Media takes over the activity update both via js and php. The garbled code like thing (JSON) that you see is just the way we post the activity.

The php side of it then transforms the code into a well formatted activity. Looks like some other plugin is interfering with the latter. Could you check by disabling other plugins, one at a time?



I disable all the plains and problem still exist.


I disabled all the plugins and problem still exist.



We are refactoring BuddyPress Media to rtMedia. The first beta releases in a few days. This will make media independant of BuddyPress. That will take care of this issue.