Pictures of other users in lightbox

When I review pictures of one user at single lightbox mode (clicking next picture button) - after two rounds of the user’s pictures, lightbox begin show pictures of other users. How to make lightbox show pictures of only certain user?

Hi, Are you facing this issue in site-wide activity or in user's media page?

Hallo. In users media page.

Can you give URL of the page so that I can have a look.

Hi, I just tried viewing media from the link you had given above and working fine without the issue you had mentioned. I think you were viewing media from sidebar gallery widget, may be.

Hmmm...May be you dont understand me... In my PC it doesnt work. This user ( ) has only 2 pictures now. If I open one of picture in Lightbox and click three times the right arrow - there are will be pictures of the other user. These two pictures are not repeated. But I want to see only these two pictures, when I rewiew photos in the certains User media.

Ok, Now I got it. We will fix it and will be updated in future release.

Hi. Thank you!

Hallo. I have upgrated the plugin to new version, but the problem is not solved.

@supergrower, yeah that was the hot fix for a bug. Don't worry, we will fix that and will update it soon.

@supergrower, We had fix this bug in recent update of rtMedia i.e. version 3.6.10. Please update rtMedia and let us know regarding the same.

Thank you! Now it is correct!