Pictures displaying in opposite order buddypress activity stream

When I upload more than one picture, I select the first picture, then the second picture. The thumbnails in the preview show the first picture on the left, and the second picture on the right. Then when I hit “post update”, the first image appears on the bottom, and the second image on top (or if I have it horizontally aligned, the first image I uploaded appears on the right, and the second image on the left). So basically it is reversing the order of what I see in the preview thumbs. How can I fix this as most people on my site upload at least two photos, and they are always reversed?

Here is an example. Take a look at this first screenshot and notice the order of the preview:

Now see how they appear in the activity stream once posted:

Hello @mycoinclub,

We understood your concern. We display the thumbnails in the descending order of they gets uploaded hence the latest media will be on the top.

There is not any option to reverse the thumbnail order for now. However, we can guide on how you can develop a custom code for yourself.

Here is the sample snippet which can help you to reverse the order under BuddyPress activity stream -

You can try adding this code to your theme’s functions.php file.

Note: This code will not affect the thumbnail order under the Media tab.

I hope this helps you. Thanks.

Hi @pranalipatel - I appreciate your help, though the link goes to a 404 error. Can you please re-send the link? Thank you so much!

Hi @mycoinclub,

I guess it has been revised. Please, try this link -


Thank you so much! It works great for the activity stream since the order of the pictures makes a big difference on my website.

Is this something that is going to be changed as a default in the future? The reason I ask is because though it works perfect in the activity stream, the pictures are backwards in the media tab (as you stated) and also when using shortcodes to display all pictures such as the link below:

I greatly appreciate your help as this sure helps prevent the members from displaying the pictures backward in the activity stream, and this is the main use of the website!

After furthur testing, it does work great but I keep getting an error now on my website quite often (but not all the time):

Content Encoding Error

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

When I remove this from functions.php, I do not get the error anymore. Again, the error does not ALWAYS occur, but every few clicks to various parts of my website I get that error.

Hello @mycoinclub,

Is this something that is going to be changed as a default in the future?

No, we do not have plans to make it as the default behavior of the plugin for now.

Regarding the error you are getting:

This might be coming from any other plugin. Please, once deactivate rtMedia and check if you still face this issue.

Also, provide some screenshot where you are getting this error.