Pictures Automatically Uploading

Hey all,

Earlier today, I downloaded the plugin. It was working great. Then the pictures started loading themselves on the group feeds without hitting publish. I am not sure what’s happening. I am not sure what I can do but I didn’t want to buy the $99 add on for the word.doc and PDF if I can’t even get the free one to work.

I believe there is no support for the free plugin. Do you have to buy the other one and then ask for support and if it doesn’t work ask for a return.

Hopefully, we can see if this works before moving forward. Here is a video:

Looking forward to hearing back and getting it fixed to be a paying customer :slight_smile:



  1. Regarding 404 issue, please try resaving permalink structure. Here is the document to guide you ahead -

  2. Media uploads automatically

Please check if you have enabled Enable Direct Upload option from Displaytab under rtMedia admin settings -

3 . Media missing from activity

Please once try uploading the media by activating any default theme of WordPress and deactivating other plugins. This quick theme and plugin test will help to identify if there is any conflict exists.

Thank you.

Hi there!

Everything works now J Thank you! I believe we are going to buy the next plugin for the word documents and PDF.

I really like your videos for showing the customers how you fix things. Do you sell that video plugin too or is that another company? If it’s another company, can you tell me their name.

Thanks again. Great service!

Matt Gray

Mobile: 571.405.7671



We are glad to know that your issue has been solved.

We are not sure which videos you are pointing out. You might be asking for video tutorials we have provided for product guide page. We have used Wistia videos for that -

Thank you, Pranali