Picture doesn't load correct link in activity page

Hi, I’m new in the forum, i just entered because I have a problem with the rtMedia links on my website and i don’t really know how to fix it properly. I thought maybe you guys can give me a hand.

So, the problem is that in my social network made with bbpress/buddypress I have an “activity” page where the users can post their status and pictures or videos, but the path to the link (that should be automatic by rtmedia) is broken.
I show you an example:

The link that is loading is this:

and it should load this

I don’t really know why this folder called sites/3 is repeating (I believe its because this is a multi site)

I would appreciate any help, basically, what I’m looking for is the method where I can edit the path of this uploaded media.

Anticipated thanks.

UPDATE: I fixed it by myself. Found this and applied it on functions.php add_filter( ‘replace_aws_img_urls_from_activity’, function(){ return true; } );

Hi @dcamere,

We are glad to know that you figured out the right filter.

We are closing this thread for now. Feel free to create new if you need any assistance.