Phpmyadmin won't login


I use the newest version of easyengine, which works great. But when I want to acces phpmyadmin ( I get a “authentication required” popup where my user and password won’t let me in. I also tried changing the password, adding a new user and the root login (root/.my.cnf).

Do you have any idea why I can’t login?

In latest easyengine we add one more security layer to access protected area (/ee and phpMyAdmin etc). You can find your http auth details at /etc/easyengine/ee.conf file

While updating easyengine you will be prompted to provide the username/password for http authentication.

Also refer:

Thanks! I confused the http authetification with the login for phpmyadmin.

Update: As this is solved, I am closing this issue.

If you face any other issue, please create a new support request.