PhpMyAdmin not loading Browser giving ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error

I’m unable to access the PhpMyAdmin page, I have tried to access it using both “IP:22222” and “” without any luck.

the eror is same on Chrome and Firefox. Also tried using the incognito mode.

I have installed PhpMyAdmin using

ee stack install --admin

I can see the PhpMyAdmin folder inside var/www/22222/htdocs/db/

I also tried to allow the port 22222 into firewall inbound and outbound setting but even that didn’t work.

Let me know if I’m forgetting something.

Check your firewall. Allow traffic to port 22222.

I have allowed port 22222 on windows defender, I checked the link on my mobile and its giving me same connection timed out error.

I’m not talking about your PC. Check your server firewall.

I allowed port 22222 on ufw using

sudo ufw allow 22222

and that worked!

But I’m getting SSL certificate invalid issue on that page, How can I fix that?


it’s a self signed certificate, that’s why it’s show as not valid, but that doesn’t mean there is no encryption of your connection.

But if you still want to use a valid SSL certificate, you can use a cert installed on of of your site. To do so , just set your domain name as a variable (a domain with an ssl certificate) :


Then run the following command :

        sed -i "s/ssl_certificate \/var\/www\/22222\/cert\/22222.crt;/ssl_certificate \/etc\/letsencrypt\/live\/${MY_DOMAIN}\/fullchain.pem;/" /etc/nginx/sites-available/22222
        sed -i "s/ssl_certificate_key \/var\/www\/22222\/cert\/22222.key;/ssl_certificate_key    \/etc\/letsencrypt\/live\/${MY_DOMAIN}\/key.pem;/" /etc/nginx/sites-available/22222

check if the configuration is correct and reload nginx :

nginx -t && service nginx reload

Then you should be able to access to EE backend under https://yourdomain.tld:22222

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