Phpmyadmin access details

easyengine is amazing! great time saver!

quick question please, what are the /phpmyadmin access details?

Hi Piotrseefeld,

For the security reason, easyengine (ee) provides random username and password while creating a database for every site. You will find out this details in wp-config.php file.

Follow the steps below,

  1. Get Database Username: grep DB_USER /var/www/ | cut -d"'" -f4

  2. Get Database Password: grep DB_PASS /var/www/ | cut -d"'" -f4

Note: kindly replace with your site domain.

Let me know if you have any doubt.

Thanks for this.

I was able to get this working, complete forgot about the httpBasicAuth setting during installation.

All works perfectly except the uploading, I have a problem with upload folder permissions, as per here:

Any idea? Any suggestions much appreciated.


Please check -

Above might help.

Thanks for your answer, but there is nothing about permission in the docs you refereed. It is very strange problem, as the folder has got 775 and the owner is www-data of group www-data.

Did you face problem with WordPress or a plugin/theme-based uploaded?

Can you try uploading from WordPress Media Library or Post in backend?

Plugins & themes updates work OK, but I get same error when trying to upload media/themes/plugins.

Unable to create directory uploads/2014/02. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Problem solved. The issue was tedious WordPress settings oversight. Completely forgot to check uploads folder location after server migration; check for upload folder setting under Settings/Media.


Glad to know that your issue is solved. :-)