PHP Session handling

Is PHP Session handling turned off by default in Easy Engine installs?

The support staff for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin discovered this because they’re shopping cart wasn’t functioning.

Safe to turn it back on?

Hi @peter1

By default php session handler is enabled and session save path is /var/lib/php/sessions. You can verify the same using a phpinfo(); page.

Yes, can see the save path here:

Easy Digital Downloads said this:

It’s usually about how your server layer and caching identify what is a new session and what is a returning session. It appears as though your PHP configuration is using ‘files’ for session storage, but if you have multiple web servers in the platform this could prove to be problematic, and using a more centralized source like memcache (also appears to be available, according to the link you provided me with).

Our site is multi-site. Not clear to me what the actual issue is. Seems that PHP sessions are being saved, but they say it’s not enabled. Then they suggest using memcache. This is getting utterly confusing. Do I have an impossible task… multi-site plus e-commerce??

hi @peter1

In a fresh server having EE installed, I tried installing plugin on a new WP installation and Easy digital downloads plugin worked perfectly. Network activated > created download > publish > view post. Are you facing problem with any other operation ? Check the plugin functionality after disabling all the other plugins.

The problem is with the shopping cart. Did you try adding to cart and then viewing the cart?

Item showed in cart along with price. If I put $$ for item, there will be notification to “add payment gateway”. if price is $0, “free download” button is shown.

And you did this with multi-site where the test site was not the main domain? Wondering if that’s the problem.

RT Camp did some paid work on this site years ago, so now I’m wondering if they changed some default settings by mistake. Still no closer to solving this. Client waiting.

Latest comments from Easy Digital Downloads:

That being said, know that you are using domain mapping could be the cause of it. If the AJAX requests to add to the cart aren’t being handled in the same way that the main page loads are being handled from a domain mapping perspective that could completely cause a problem.

We run an nginx configuration on our severs and do not have this type of session issue, so this is something unique to your configuration or caching. If you disable FastCGI caching, do you experience the same problems? Personally I run an nginx setup as well, but do not use the Easy Engine stack. I built mine manually and also do not have issues like this.

Really beginning to think this isn’t going to be possible without hiring someone to fix it. Still no clear answer as to what the problem is. Multi-site? The EE caching setup?