PHP-FPM Status request Uri


I’m referring to this wonderful post on rtcamp:

I can get the status page fine and have no configuration problems in particular. However in my php application everything is routed through an index.php front controller which ultimately doesn’t help me identify which request is actually being processed by fpm right now:

pid:                  26014
state:                Idle
start time:           05/May/2015:08:50:52 -0400
start since:          16495
requests:             39
request duration:     585187
request method:       GET
request URI:          /index.php
content length:       0
user:                 -
script:               /home/myaccount/
last request cpu:     90.57
last request memory:  24641536

All php requests are rewritten to index.php and the request uri therefore shows always /index.php

e.g. the uri /mycontroller/myaction/myparams is rewritten to /index.php/mycontroller/myaction/myparams

Question is - is there any way at all to get php-fpm to report the full request uri rather than just index.php?

Thanks, Juergen