Php-fpm eating tons of memory

OK, so yesterday I was having trouble with my old control panel so I reimaged my Digital Ocean droplet to a brand new Ubuntu 12.04 system state and installed ee. I will say that everything was smooth and quick to setup. Then I added two of the sites I wanted to get live quickly and didn’t have any issue.

Today I went to work on more sites and I was getting nginx restart errors. Turns out I had around 70 MB RAM available (out of 512). I rebooted the server to clear them up. About 20-30 minutes after the restart I was getting the same errors.

It turns out that php-fpm is eating up most of my memory after a little while of running. Can I adjust the configuration somehow to run happily on 512 MB RAM? Or is ee running php-fpm just not for me?


Hello Steven,

Please edit following file and check the RAM uses

vim /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf  

on your config it is set to ‘pm = dynamic’ change it to ‘pm = ondemand’

service php5-fpm restart  

Can you please provide us a server login details for debugging purpose


Thank you, that seems to have helped. I also sent along my login credentials to the email address in the link you sent me in case you guys need to do any additional troubleshooting.

It’s definitely worth noting that it’s been running for 24 hours now without any issues.