PHP FPM Chroot Each Website

I read the ee documents and haven’t found anthing about how to chroot each site. I don’t want one of my sites, if compromised, to be able to navigate over to another site’s files.

I believe chroot in PHP-FPM would be how to do this. Am I correct in thinking that? Is there another way? Does ee support that?



If you want seperate sftp user account to acces each site you can use this solution.

We dont prefer chroot with PHP-FPM. it needs seperate php pool per site if i am not wrong.

Thanks for the fast reply! I’m not planning on using sftp. Is there any other way to restrict a sites access to other sites?

Are there any plans, that you know of, to add support for separate pools per site in ee? I think that would be an incredibly important security feature. I’d be willing to donate or pay for this feature to be added.


Yep we are going support for separate pools per site in ee

You can follow this thread.

Shared hosting model is in ee roadmap.

That’s phenomenal news!

I know it will probably be an incredibly rough guess, but do you have a slight idea of when you believe the implementation of this feature will be completed? I won’t hold you to it. Promise.

Hi @apag96

As @harshadyeola said you can follow given link to be updated with the progress of shared-hosting model feature.

I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: