Php-fpm causing high cpu usage

Hi I have linode 2GB plan on Ubuntu 14 LTS - Nginx -Php5 and suddenly from last 2 days php-fpm is using all the cpu resources from 20% to 190%.

Any idea how can I reduce this usage and get it to normal?


Which caching mechanism you are using on your site? We recomend you to use fastcgi cache mechanism.

Also Open www.conf file:

vim /etc/php5/fpm/www.conf

and change:

pm.max_children = 20

After that you need to restart PHP5-FPM

php5-fpm -t && service php5-fpm restart


I was using W3 Total cache. Now disabled because of high cpu usage.

The max children is currently set to 10. Should I increase it to 20? (refer below screenshot)

Thank you, seems like increasing the value is working. But, still it’s not fully back to what it was.

Anyways, thank you very much.