PHP fallback by default with --hhvm flag?

Does PHP fallback come automatically when using --hhvm flag? I searched the configs of a current site I have installed with EasyEngine but can’t find a definitive answer on my own. I believe the answer is yes that it does default to PHP fallback but can someone confirm? Thanks.

This is the general tutorial for installing HHVM with a PHP-fallback, I’m not sure if the installer does this, but you could probably just check the code to see if it matches.

It doesn’t match. I should have mentioned that I did check that tutorial before posting. It seems similar but I don’t know what all the settings mean exactly to tell if they are the same. I think it does fallback with the installer when you pass the --hhvm flag but I’m not an expert.

No never am I, I would presume the auto installer does, as it makes sense to have a php fallback on HHVM, despite HHVM being extremely stable (I mean Facebook already uses it) it’s always good to have a plan b, I would suspect that only the easy engine guys can answer this, so hopefully, one is patrolling the forums, I’d like to also know.