PHP Data - Via web!

Hello friends!

I need to access PHP version information via web, but I can not.

I’ve already asked for support for DO, but since I used Easy Engine they do not support it.

Could someone help me with this, because when I use this link (http: //your_server_ip/info.php) with my ip, it is not showing anything to me.

Thank you!

You have to use a domain with Nginx. Apache route IP request to the default domain, not Nginx. Just create a file in your website folder.


:grinning: Dear friend, everything you said worked!

I’m speechless, thanks a lot for all your help.

Ocean Digital does not know anything, it just wastes time!

You with few words taught me how to do 3 things, in digital ocean I had to send 10 messages to not help me with one.

They do not know anything about nginx.

If you need anything, I’m at your disposal!

Since it’s not about servers! Because on this subject you know everything hehehe!

Thank you!

DigitalOcean like many other vps providers, provide unmanaged servers for developers and system administrator. I understand they do not provide support for easyengine.

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