Php contact form


I have been using EE for a while now everything works great. Thank you for the product. I installed a static html site which uses a php contact form. Well it wont mail out. First I was getting a 405 in my browser and used a simple hack to change it into a 200. I next thought that maybe install the site with ee’s --php option might help. Still no email.

What do you recommend for getting Nginx to pass through FPM to PHP.

I have a working email setup and can send emails through a variety of ways, just not this one :slight_smile:

I see that the command.

ee site create --php

has a reference for

 include /var/www/*.conf;

Which is empty. I have scoured the internet for an answer and nothing is working so I thought I would ask the experts for help.

Please have a wonderful day, I like the markdown your community forum uses!

please disregard solved by updating jquery.