PHP 7 or PHP 5.6

Hi I want to switch from PHP 5.6 to php 7. Is it good idea. If it is good idea will all plugins n themes support php7 or cause issues. How to check whether all plugins n themes support PHP 7 or not in my website before switching to PHP 7. How to switch to PHP 7 and changes we need to do in site or coding.

You gotta test. There’s no way one can state a site will work fine with PHP 7.

I can say: thousands of websites of my customers’ run flawlessly with PHP7, but one of my sites had an issue with a very old plugin (Permalink Finder, which I replaced with 404 Solution).

Just run:

ee site update --php7

You should be ready after that.

You can test your website and plugins compatibility with PHP7 using the composer library php7cc.
The easiest is to run it with docker :

cd /var/www/yourdomain.tld
docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/app ypereirareis/php7cc php7cc ./htdocs

It will display all compatibility issues with two levels :
warnings = php7 will work but code can be optimized
error = php7 will not work

Right now running PHP 7.2 with WordPress and EE, most of the themes that I use and general plugins are working fine.

Major versions will have bugs like php 7. you are running php 7.2 so might be bugs fixed. i will wait till easyengine supports 7.2 or any other not php7.