Photos not showing? Correct shortcode?

Hi there,

We are using Ultimate Member and have two pages by where the user should be able to upload a photo, then go to another page and view the photo.

The page that allows for the upload contains the following shortcode: [rtmedia_uploader]

The page that displays that users photos contains the following shortcode: [rtmedia_gallery context=”profile”]

However, after uploading the photo, it doesn’t seem to appear in the gallery? Any ideas to why?


Hi @Wayne_Leech,

Could you try modifying your shortcodes to the following and let me know if it works?

Gallery shortcode: [rtmedia_gallery context=“page” context_id=“541”], where 541 is the id of your the uploader page. Uploader shortcode: Leave as is; ie, [rtmedia_uploader]

Regards, Joel Abreo