Photo / Video Limits?

I am a newbe and not using your plugin live yet. I have it set up on a dummy site playing around with it. I publish an Indie music network. Is there any way to limit the amount of uploads per user in buddypress media or your new plugin release that's coming out. I would like to have a limit on the amount of media that can be uploaded so that its not unlimited. Say I would like to only permit 15 songs or videos per user to be uploaded. Is this possible? I don't care about downloads I am only asking about uploads.


These kind of limits are planned in as add-on module called "membership". Apart from limits, module will also make it easy to setup different plan and charge users for them.

Most likely, it will be released in August.

We have added basic limits to rtMedia-PRO v1.1.

In this version we have added only upload size limit per photo/video. In upcoming release, we will add more limits to PRO edition.

But per user limits, plans and payments will be handled in separate "membership" addon as it may grow bigger than rtMedia-PRO edition.

If you are using rtMedia-PRO please upgrade in case you are not seeing this feature.

If you are not using PRO yet, you may upgrade from

Also, we have added "No. of album a user can create" limit in PRO.

Though there is a no limit to number of files can be uploaded in an album.