Photo upload issues on iPhone 6 Plus (tested with iOS 8+9)


I’m using the famous BuddyBoss Theme and give rtmedia another chance and I’m thinking about to buy some of the rtmedia plugins. I used rtmedia in the past but had a lot of trouble with this plugin.

My issue with uploading photos from my iPhone is as you can see on two screenshotsI made and attached with this links:

Every time I just can choose one photo from the library and it’s arranged multible times as you can see. Uploading the photos work great but the user is irretated before and thinks something went wrong.

Can you check this plese?

Thank you.

Best Regards, Thorsten

did you find any solution for your issue yet?


thank you for your remembrance, For now everything works fine :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


Hi how did you solve the issue I am having the same problem. Photo uploaded from my iPhone end up upside down

Hello sir, I have same issue it is not uploading video from apple device can you let me how can i fix it.

Hi, My issue was the limit of sending videos over 20 MB to my server.