Photo Upload Issue iPhone 4 Safari/Chrome

When trying to "Attach Media" to a group wall post, I'm receiving "array_merger()[function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in ..... on line 2996

iPad/iPhone 5 seem to be fine, but constantly happening on iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.3.

Anything I can change to fix this? Thanks!

Now receiving same error on iPhone 5, in both safari and chrome.

Hi Brian,

We have looked into this issue, since the same has been reported by many users of BuddyPress Media.

As you might know we are working very hard towards our next release of rtMedia 3.0. We have already fixed this issue in rtMedia 3.0; since we have made a lot of changes in the current workflow of the plugin and it will be a total independent plugin from BuddyPress or any other dependency.

You can check out the code of the current development of the plugin at : rtMedia Github Repo. You can download the code and install it. Though it is under development and may not guarantee to work without any error. You can revert back to us with your feedback about rtMedia.



A word of caution: If you're planning to test the new plugin rtMedia 3.0 then make sure that you take the database backup of your website first then only you proceed. This plugin is not fully complete yet and is not supposed to be installed on production/live environment.