Photo thumbnails disappear from feed

When I apply the most recent rtMedia update, photo thumbnails disappear from the buddypress activity feed. I took a look at the source of the page, and rtMedia seems to include some new css which sets the max height of the thumbnail container to 0 and overflow to hidden, which does hide the photo. I can successfully add some of my own css to remove the max height and set overflow to visible, but I am confused as to why the code below was added? Does it relate to some new option or setting that toggles thumbnail visibility? Thank you

.rtmedia-activity-container .media-type-photo .rtmedia-item-thumbnail {
		max-width: 500px;
		max-height: 0px;
		overflow: hidden;

Any ideas on this?

All photo thumbnails still disappear when I update the plugin to the latest version, due to the CSS shown in my previous post. I can override it using my own css and !important but I am perplexed what this new “overflow: hidden;” is supposed to accomplish.

I figured this out. It’s because I had one of the images sizes set to width 500 height 0… intending to mean the height didn’t matter. However it seems the new release uses that number as the max-height, so you need to set some value.