Photo Tagging


We just bought your Photo tagging add-on plugging and It doesn't work properly. It looks like only person who posted photo can tag it and only herself. What is the purpose of the plugging if you can't tag other people?

Our website:

We were thinking about buying other add-ons, but now we are not sure if they are going to work.

Please help to solve this issue.

Also photos are not alined correctly on the User Profile -> Media -> Photos page. There are big gaps between them. Why?


Also for some reason I can never post attachments in this forum. SO please follow the link to see the photo aliment: Why there such a big spaces between some photos?


Several bbPress plugins work erratically in the context of BuddyPress.

The tagging works for self and friends. A developer will check if something breaks that on your site. The display is not under our control. It is very theme dependant, as of now.

We'll see what is causing the problem. Our working hours start in a few hours. We'll be connecting with you on email.




This issue has been subsequently fixed and the code updated.