Photo tagging does not show

hi there,

i purchased the photo tagging today. i installed it and the photo tag options shows up but when i add a tag, it does not show up.

is there somthing to do after i installed the plugin?

i use wpmu 3.5.1 and buddypress 1.7.2


The tagging emulates Facebook so that the tags are visible on hover. Second,it is 100% jQuery/ajax. So, it'd break if there is but one js error on the page.

Our premium support team will connect with you on email and solve this, asap. Still, could you confirm here, if it's not one of the above.



How photo tagging works:

  • You can only tag photos that are uploaded by you or your friends.
  • On your photo you can tag yourself and your friends.
  • On a friend's photo you can tag yourself and the friend who has uploaded the photo.
  • You can un-tag yourself from any photo.
  • When you tag the photo, just hover on that tagged area, it will show the tag on that photo.

Let me know if above conditions work for you. If still problem persist, send me login details, I drop an email to you :)

Thanks, --Nitun

HEy there, thanks fpr ypur reply. i was on a longer journey, so i reply so late. i guess i know the conditions for the tagging, but it didnt work, even after updating to the actual version for media or the tagging plugin. could you please send a mail to my address? i will give you access to the site so you can see it for yourself. let me know if you need ftp- access, too.


@thefluxo I sent an email to you.

hey nitun,

i talked back to arrowchat and they told me that it is no problem to implement the scripts somewhere else, as long as the header script comes before the footer script. since i am not a coder i really don't know were to integrate it, so that it doesn't affect BP media. do you have a hint?


If arrowchat script code is correct, then you may need to cross check the script error which are coming from other sources, may be the theme which you are using is not properly converting the script tag. See the attached image.

sry, cant see an attached image!? :D

attached image

thx. i replied to geotheme and arrowchat....maybe they have a solution... i will post as soon as i have a solution for that. thx!

arrowchat dev's say tat they can't find an error within their code... is it possible that this error is caused for the same reason as the comment actualize failure, i posted in another thread? because when i comment a picture in fullscreen mode, it does not actualize until i close and reopen the window.

and another thing: i disabled the footer/header scripts but the tagging does not work at all... so finally i guess it's got nothing to do with arrowchat.

i really need that fixed because both features are elemantry for the site.

Hi @thefluxo,

On the site, I see two js errors:

  1. Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
  2. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined booster_js.php?dir=%3E/%3E/%3E/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js,%3E/%3E/them…ect.js&cachedir=%3E/%3E/booster_cache&js_minify=0&nocache=1372837945?:3847

Both of these are coming from the theme. None of these have anything to do with our addon. That's what we see, as of now.

Second, the last time I had checked, the arrowchat script was on the page. Let me try and explain this.

Photo tagging needs jquery-autocomplete (a subcomponent of jquery-ui) for populating the friends list for tagging. We load jquery-autocomplete via wp_enqueue_script. this ensures that if any other plugin also loads the same script, we don't have two copies of the script on the page.

Arrowchat was loading jQuery-UI from Google's ajax CDN and WordPress was also loading jQuery-UI. This is not standard and led to two copies of jQuery-UI on the same page. Photo tagging and many other things using jQuery-UI break, if that happens.

(Please pass this on to the developers of arrowchat, as this issue would happen on a lot of sites. Again, not just our addon, but any feature that uses jQuery-UI on any WordPress site will be affected. If they don't accept it, you would've learnt something useful about the team.)

Third, we strive to deliver error-free code. However, any js error on a site from any substandard theme or plugin can break the rest of the js. You can confirm this with any developer friend of yours, even a beginner. So, kindly contact your theme developers for fixing the js errors on your site.

Finally, the photo tagging addon is one of the most popular addons of BuddyPress Media (rtMedia) and except for double jQuery-UI (due to non-standard methods of loading it used by substandard themes or plugins) and js errors (same as the former), it has worked perfectly well for every customer.

That being said, I might still be wrong and it might be a very obscure error that we've not realised yet, inspite of our experience and knowhow. It happens sometimes. However, we'll never come to know that unless these errors are fixed.

I hope you understand that this is the maximum we can do to take care of this issue. I also hope this helps us resolve this issue faster.


hello suarabh,

thanks for your comment. i understand, waht the problem is, but i am also confused that Nitun's photo tag worked. i responded to arrowchat and the theme dev's know... i hope i get some fast reply.... at last: can you tell me if the js- error could also cause the problem that the comments aren't updated when i have a particular image in fullscreen?