Photo rotation issue

I was wondering if the problem was fixed where I upload photos and they are not automatically adjusting with the head at the top of the photo based on the EXIF data, or is there some form of a work around for that already that I just don't know about?

No, this hasn't been fixed yet.

Ideally, the devices that capture the image should set the exif data right. As far as I know, Apple doesn't believe in that since it is highly unlikely that apple users will use anything else.

Second, it is recommended for browsers to detect and display rotated images appropriately. As of now only IE10 (surprise!) seems to follow this recommendation.

Third, this is an issue faced by a handful of users compared to the pressing needs of the majority, so it gets a little less attention than the others in such an open source project.

While this will be fixed soon, we can't guarantee a specific date. Unless this is sponsored or accelerated by code contributions from users.



Update: This issue is fixed now in latest release.

For more details: