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Firstly, I can’t thank you enough for this amazing and magical plugin. Thank you for all your efforts in keeping this up to date.

I am testing the free version of RTmedia before purchasing PRO and I have a question:

I would like the thumb image on the activity page to link to full size image as I plan to use another lightbox that includes facebook commenting . Is it possible to have something like

Looking forward to to your reply


Bbumping for a reply. Thanks a lot


Hi, @shiela.kumar.5

Sorry for the delay in reply and thanks for appreciation.

Yes this is possible, you can disable the Lightbox from the rtMedia settings and can use your custom Lightbox.

For this , You have to override the media-gallery-item.php template, but the name for the rtmedia large image is rt_media_single_image and not rt_media_large. You can specify the size for the rt_media_single_image from the rtMedia settings.


Surprisingly, I was using rt_media_large and it was giving me the full image link…in any case, I have been able to set it up. Thank you

P.S. The new rtmedia lightbox is super good looking, If only you can integrate social share and facebook comments with it. is it part of the roadmap?


Glad to hear that your issue is resolved.

Thanks for your appreciation.

Your suggestions are really nice, but currently its not in our roadmap. We might consider it adding in near future.