Photo and Album Layout Issues



I've just installed the buddypress media plugin and have been impressed with its performance; however I'm having layout issues with the photos and albums.

if you check the link below you can see its shows the photos in a list; with only one photo per line; rather than using all the space. I've checked the code on the page it inserts them as list items; so I'm not surprised it's doing this;

apologies for the silly photos :) another community member is helping me test this he thought they were appropriate.

Is there anyway to fix this so it utilises the width of the available space as I've seen on other sites?


Hi, Looks like your theme's style is conflicting with BuddyPress Media styles. To fix this you would have to add a line in your themes style sheet as follows.

#item-body ul.bp-media-gallery li { clear: none; }  


worked perfectly! :slight_smile: thanks very much.