Permalinks redirection problem


I have a blogger blog ( and I have made a migration yesterday to wordpress (

For the differents steps, I have followed these procedure :

So the posts, the comments migrate well with the official blogger migration tools from wordpress.

I have also change the blogspot code and installed (with the blogpost url modified) the wordpress redirection plugin.

now, the redirection for the main blogspot page to my new blog works fine (from : to, but from post to post for exemple from to the redirection is not working, I arrives always at the main page of my new blog...

I have also change the permalinks wordpress structure (from default to /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html) but there is no change...

so I believe I made a mystake somewhere, maybe the plugin is not working with structure such as ( (redirection on a subdirectory)...

any help will be much appreciated !

regards Marc