Percona InnoDB Tuning

I’m aware of these: mysqltuner and tools. Some values don’t exist in the .cnf file that these tools are suggesting… It’s unclear to me what values are good and which are not.

After investigating further I ran into this tool: can we use this to get a suitable tuning?

I noticed a lot fields on my Ubuntu EE server config here: /etc/mysql/my.cnf that aren’t addressed in this tool.

Is there a step by step method on how we can make a well tuned .cnf file using the results from this tool and the existing values a default EE install places to /etc/mysql/my.cnf ?

For me I’m on DigitalOcean with a 2GB 2CPU droplet and my server is taking a beating from the database and it shouldn’t be.

  • Maybe someone has a solid config file already made for that droplet spec and they may “gist” it here.

You can check this section -

There are many articles related to mysql performance optimization which you can use.

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