Payable work of integration between wordpress & Discuz

Hello All,

Here is my thoughts of integration between wordpress and Discuz.

I guess you all know Mycred( is a point management plugin in Wordpress, So we can Stimulate site users to be involved in online marketing activities by awarding them points, and Mycred also works as a payment gateway for Woo-commerce, which means online users can get mycred points during online acitivites and spend points on a Woocomerce shop site without paying his money. Yes, this is a game for marketing, successful marketing means more easy sales.

Discuz is powerful and professional forum system, and it support 10millions of users on line at same time. For your referrance, here are two example for your reference, and the first one is english interface:

As to Discuz, it is opensouced PHP project too, you may download this program at

Actually, there is a very similar point management function in Discuz, and it supports multiple points too. Although there are some eCommerce plugins in Discuz plugins market, we prefer Woo-commerce for its better experience, and this is why we would like to use Woocommcerce as E-commcerce, but using Discuz as online community.

What I want, is integration the points between Wordpress and Discuz. Fortunately, there is a plugin which named Ucenter, and you will find Ucenter plugin at backend after Discuz is installed. It works as a integration bridge between Discuz and wordpress, or a lot of other systems, you may check Ucenter Wordpress plugin at

At present, Wordpress uncenter plugin works well in alone Wordpress, and Configuration is quite easy. Users can login and logout Wordpress and Discuz at same time(by user session control ). But it does not work well with sessions in Wordpress MU, it was not updated for 5 years.

After Uncenter integration, the data sheet of user account will be automatically synchronzied between Wordpress and Discuz, actually, there is a alone user account data sheet in Ucenter which will be checked at priority when users login from either Wordpress or Discuz. please check here:

In alone Wordpress, Ucenter synchronize the points from Discuz into Wordpress, you can find that at Wordpress backend, but, those points are not related to Mycred yet. So, what we need to do in Wordpress, is making the points from Discuz Ucenter to synchronize the balance of Mycred points, so that the points that users get in Discuz can be spent in Wordpress Woocommcerce too.

Here is Ucenter online Api document:

and Mycred codex here

Just fell free let me know your idea and suggestion on the points integration solution, and how we should start the work, thanks all.


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Use any single sign on plugin which solve your problem

That will only support login, but the use data will still be indepedent.


why dont use buddypress

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because, buddypress is bad performance, it relay on wordpress. but discuss is a independent application, which is much much high performance than wordpress, please view this site:

Ok that can make sense as an independent software it can scale as buddy and bbpress relay on WordPress although you can hire a developer to update that plugin

thanks for suggestion

Will require custom development and connection to sync what you require.
Basically what I understood is that you wish to derive or create a full-fledged reward earn and redeem system integrated on your WordPress site.

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