Partial import 200 on 238

Hi, trying following your instructions, all is good until I try to import. I have 238 posts on Blogger (Blogger count), when I run the importer I see 228 on WP, and only 200 get actually imported. Tried several times to clean and restart, no way. I tried to export via blogger and convert to wordpress format via (just to try) then importing, and that works, showing all posts BUT no tags and no comments of course.

Any idea? I'm running WP 3.1.3 if that matters

Hi Loop,

As you have mentioned, only 200 out of 238 posts are imported, the remaining posts can be the ‘Drafts’, which are not imported.


I guess it might be the issue of compatibility of Latest WordPress 3.1.3 and new version of importer plugin 0.4.

We use our self developed importer tool which overcomes such issues. You may opt for our service if default importer is not giving you desired results. :slight_smile: