Pagination - Non-JavaScript fallback


Is it possible to use standard pagination on the media gallery page instead of the JavaScript pagination?


Yes you could do that by removing the ids from the prev and next links in your template as the click is bound to the ids.


Thanks, that worked great.



Does the pagination supposed to output page numbers? e.g:

Prev 1 2 3 4 5 Next

Or does it just output previous and next links? e.g:

Prev Next


It currently outputs “Prev Next” links. You could maybe try using paginate_links() with suitable arguments to get the page number wise links.


I am using this but the function doesn’t seem to output anything to the page

$args = array(  
	'base'         => '%_%',  
	'format'       => '?page=%#%',  
	'total'        => 1,  
	'current'      => 0,  
	'show_all'     => False,  
	'end_size'     => 1,  
	'mid_size'     => 2,  
	'prev_next'    => True,  
	'prev_text'    => __('Prev'),  
	'next_text'    => __('Next'),  
	'type'         => 'plain',  
	'add_args'     => False,  
	'add_fragment' => ''  
	paginate_links( $args );   

Do you think it’ll work if I changed some of the default arguments?


It would actually be tough to try to generate page links through paginate_links() since it relies/depends on the global $wp_query. Looks like the pagination would have to be custom built in the same way the previous and next links are created.


I see. I think custom pagination is beyond my ability haha. Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile: