Page Scroll Disabled

Great plugin! I’m experiencing an issue after installing, I’m not able to scroll down when on the media tab. This prevents me from clicking on the Albums because I cannot scroll down the page to access them. Any suggestion or help would greatly appreciated!!
My website:

@ibl-dev, Please check rtMedia with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled. Is there any server error?

I had the same problem. I tried removing twitter bootstrap css, and it then suddenly allowed me to scroll down again on the media tab page. This shows the problem was a conflict with bootstrap’s css.

This rule was the problem:
.media, .media-body {
overflow: hidden;

to solve it for me, I put this into my theme’s css:

overflow: inherit !important;

alternatively, you could put that into the RT Media settings - there is a place for custom css!

Yes, we will put it in rtMedia CSS by default as many user are facing the same issue.

Thanks, I had the same issue, but I used the CSS code and it worked immediately! Thanks again!

Hello. I have the same problem. When I press Media button, either from admin bar or from buddylinks widget, there is no option to scroll AND there also appears a WHITE LINE just under the admin bar (pretty much the same size as the admin bar). Now, I tried to put all variations of that CSS code in style.css, it didn’t work, as my themes style.css is empty (i guess it uses some kind of other system for that), so I did download a nice plugin called Simple Custom CSS, and added that code there. It DID help to fix scrolling issue (any of those css codes work), but WHITE LINE is still there. Not sure how to fix that… Any suggestions, please? Thank You very much guys!

Example: Image of white line Wordpress theme: Ascent

No one can help me with this issue? ;/

If it’s not a plugin issue, please let me know, so I could look for solution elsewhere. Now you just leave me confused…