Page not found!

When I log in as myself I can click on the media button to add pictures. But, if I click on it as a visitor or other member I will get this “Page Not Found” - very strange? Anybody knows how to fix it. Thanks!

Also, when I click on the image it does not pop up as a light box. So, I can’t view images properly.

My website is:


  1. For “Page Not Found” - try to re-save permalink, refer this document

  2. For lightbox popup:- It seems to be a problem with some other plugin conflict. There are some js error when click on any thumbnail image. Try it again by disabling “aggreable” plugin. I hope it will work fine.


Everything is working fine now, except for the image clicking. If I click on the “media” button to view & click on the images it’s working fine. But if I want to click and view the images in “activity” I can’t? I can click on it, but it doesn’t show anything. It pops up a dark screen and says "Sorry !! There’s no media found for the request !!

Hello @buddy1,

Please once make sure that if you face the same issue with new uploads. Also check with default theme and other plugins disabled.

Let us know if the issue still persists. Thanks.