Page not found error

So i installed your plugin and i tried to go to the media tab and it returns to 404 page not found. I looked to all the solutions you gave and i’ve done it all. Permalinks are put to /%postname%/. Deactivated all the plugins and activated the base wordpress theme and it is still giving me page not found problem. Any solutions?

Hello @Fame,

Yes, you found the correct solutions but kindly once also try them in below sequence.

  1. Activate default theme and disable other plugins
  2. Re-save permalink
  3. Re-save rtMedia settings

If still you are facing issue please let us know.

Thank you.

I’ve got it. I found the plugin conflict

Hello @Fame,

We are glad to know that you figured out the cause and your issue has been solved. :slight_smile:


Another problem :D. When i press the Attach files button nothing comes up. Any ideas? :smiley:

Hi @Fame,

Are you facing any JavaScript error ? You can check it with browser console log.

Are you facing this issue with defaults? If not this can also be any conflict with theme or plugin.


Uncaught ReferenceError: bp_get_querystring is not defined rtMedia.js?ver=3.7.32:648 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘masonry’ of undefinedrtMedia.js?ver=3.7.32:648 (anonymous function)

This is what i see in the console log.

Hello @Fame,

We have sent you private reply regarding this issue.


Hi Pranali, I have rtmedia installed and activated but when I upload media, it shows the number of media but it does not display on activity and when I click on media tab, I get 404 page not found error. I tried every solution without any luck. I need to buy few addons but I have to have core working first.Could you help please? THANKS…