I recently installed EasyEngine on Digital Ocean servers, that worked perfectly!
However, looks like that it’s more stable, cheaper and supports even more huge traffic than Digital Ocean.
So, I’m thinking to buy a VPS from OVH. (more specifically VPS 2018 SSD 3 for $15,00 mo.)

I just would like to know if it’s possible to install EasyEngine on Ovh VPS server the same way it could be installed on Digital Ocean and if it’s worth to change from Digital Ocean to Ovh.


EEv4 uses Docker as its infrastructure so it requires a KVM or dedicated server and not OpenVZ.

So TL;DR, don’t get an OpenVZ server.


Obviously, you can switch from Digitalocean to Ovh.

I also tried migrating from Digitalocean to ovh but main drawbacks were:

  1. No automatic backup available for VPS (Snapshot is available at the same rate as DO)
  2. Default network speed is 100 Mbps unlimited. (Do had 1 Gbps limited).

But I still gave it a try and ordered VPS. They asked my ID, proof of address, and photograph of my credit card. I sent all of them but never received VPS. Their support is very bad.

Meanwhile, I discovered Hetzner cloud. You won’t believe how similar it is to DO. Hetzner has DAILY automatic backup for 7 slots for 20% of server cost. Their network speed is 1 Gbps but the bandwidth limit is 20 TB, even for lowest tier VPS of 2.49 euro/month, with excess bandwidth charged 1 euro/TB. In with 100mbps, even if you utilized all your bandwidth 24/7, you could only use 30 TB.

You won’t be able to use features like load balancing but looks like you don’t need that. Hetzner also has more outages than DO but its too cheap to complain.