Overview about all galleries?

Hi there,

I just installed rtmedia and I would like to create a page in wordpress, which shows every gallery I created? I also want an upload widget where every user can choose, where he wants to upload the files.

How can I do that?

Regards Julian

No idea? :frowning: I really want to use this plugin but I need this function.

@donchulio Please try rtMedia gallery shortcodes http://docs.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/features/shortcodes/gallery.html that may helpful.

Hmm okay, I will try that. But how can I create albums, which every user can use?

I just want some galleries which are open for everyone to upload images there.


rtMedia free plugin allows each users to create albums.

But if you want some of pre-defined albums which users must use during media upload, then you can use rtMedia Default albums addon https://rtcamp.com/products/rtmedia-default-albums/.