Override text in the plugin

Hi rtmedia,

I created some text in the plugin (files), etc, when I updated the plugin, it override it and now is all gone…

Can you show me what folders or files I need to create to put in my child-theme directory so it wouldn’t override it on my next updater?

Please advise, Thanks,

Hello @DamnDramaQueen,

You can use available filters/actions to change the texts according to your requirement. Here is the list of hooks available in rtMedia - https://rtmedia.io/docs/developers/hooks/

I have replied you on the private message for the same query hence we can continue the discussion there to avoid duplicate communication.


Hi pranalipatel,

There’s alot seems to be very useful. Just not sure how the function go and where the function working on for which area? ,Especially I can’t see where or the page I am working on, nor no screenshot to see it?

If you have few pointers, please give advise, otherwise, I will have to gap each function for testing and searching where the changes at? This also mean a lot of back and fore viewing and page refresh…

Thanks so much for the information.

Hello @DamnDramaQueen,

As there are lots of hooks available for different purposes, you will need to tell me your query ( which text from rtMedia you want to change ) and I can help you to find out if that is possible using one of these hooks or not.