Override Share Page

In the header section of my site, I only want the share button to share my home page url. Is there a way to override the page shared with a manual placement code. In another plugin I use I can use the following argument.

Can I do that with this plugin?

<?php $args = array( 'size' => 'large', //choose which size buttons to display. 'url' => 'http://google.com', //use this to override the url that is sent to WPSocialite. Not recommended to use in loop. 'button_override' => 'facebook,twitter-share,twitter-follow,pinterest,linkedin,gplus,stumbleupon' //used to override buttons that are displayed. Add and remove as needed. ); wpsocialite_markup( $args ); ?>

Can anyone answer this question? I am trying to force RTsocial to use my home page url vs the url shared, when the buttons are in my header.


rtsocial doesn’t allow overriding share url’s, as of now. It is coded in a way that it associates itself to the current post/page being displayed.

You could add this to the issues, here and we’ll include it in the next refactor: https://github.com/rtCamp/rtsocial/issues