Over 1000 users in same time


Hi people , i am new in easy engine…

Actually i am using nginx with php7.0 , wordpress and supercache…

And all days when start given over 1000 users in website… the website just start have slow response time , untill just stop open , and the php just or stop working or just slow time to response…

I come here for ask if anyone can just tell me if with easy engine i will have the same problems?

I see the easy engine have hhvm and php for backup << i think that is good for high website traffic?

My server is 8 core , 32gb of ram and 960gb ssd

Please if anyone can answer that…

ps. Sorry for my english i am portuguese


My customers put 8k users online on a VPS with 2GB RAM, 2 vCPU.

Instead of Super Cache try wp-redis.

And check your theme and plugins; there are some of them which dispatch one (or more) calls to /wp-admin/ajax.php for statics or anything else. All themes form My Theme Shop show this awful behavior. This is evil.


Lol serious 8k users with vps with 2gb of ram… I have 32gb , i dont understand why i am that problems…

Great i will change to easy engine… I hope that resolve my problems with slow response of php when is over 1000 users in website