Outbound Emails - Postfix

Good afternoon! I’m having trouble sending the email. In case I can not forward any email with the default settings (site PHP-easyengineV4). I have already done the test with the command below:

PHP-R’mail ( "your-email@example.com ", "Hello Human ", "Hello from Easyengine! "); ’

Nothing’s coming. Can someone help me?

Got same problem. Just spend 3 days to transfer all my sites to EE4 and found that such a simple option not working from out of the box!

Problem solved! File permissions, as obvious:sweat_smile:

can you leave some details for others having the same problem?

Thank you!

There was unproper file owner for files in postfix config dir /var/lib/docker/volumes/SITE_NAME_data_postfix. There must be owner with id 90

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